B2B Travel AgencyB2B Travel Agency
  • Use your e-agency integrating BookRes on that as a useful and important solution to collaborate with other agencies and sell all your products with NET or RACK rates ​​that you specify through the system for all B2B and B2C operators of the system ! Every agency which use NET prices is cosidered to operate as a B2B partner.
  • We distinguish the following cases of collaboration:
    • System user (hotelier or other agency) and our partner (usually travel agency): In this case the partner has the function of all prices of ​​B2B partners automatically if they have signed a contract with the sales network
    • Simple associate B2B: It is one that has username and password and purchases from the network or from the partner agency that has created partner code
  • The simple affiliate or partner B2B user is able to have a front office display in his office (Front Office user) and putting the profit margin in the system (Mark up) to show the tourist products to customers in his office. These settings are only visible from the agent and a special hidden field.
  • All documents (Proforma incoice, invoice and voucher) is available in the system in a special area for the user agency.