• BookRes and its exploitation comes to unite areas and combine tourist products in order to better serve visitors by creating a powerful Brand Name where all the participants will sell their travel products.
  • Creating a Brand Name possible either locally or nationwide or targeted at countries abroad is the future aim and continuous pursuit of that group of our members to strengthen its position in the global and domestic market by promoting essentially travel products.
  • The reliability and the procedures adopted creates a credibility to the final customer that the guest booked and increase listening of the brand name.
  • BookRes and thereby sales channels acquire a teamworking relationship and through our group effort can be developed into an important mean for increasing bookings and partnerships of all participating companies.
  • The approach of a wide range of customers' and partners' travel areas is the result of the operation philosophy of BookRes and of course the big advantage is the continuous growth of participating travel companies as the process of creating the First Greek Travel Consortium.
  • BookRes philosophy includes the idea of having exclusive travel agencies in each defined area in order to help them to increase their position in parallel with BookRes reputation and effectiviness.