Car and Motor Rental Booking SystemCar and Motor Rental Booking System

The reservation system for hotels has a unique link to use it from their website.

The reservation department has exclusive control of all settings through centralized management system and secure entry through entry codes.

The settings that can be exploited are summarized as follows:

  • Description, photos of car or motor rental company and facilities
  • Possibility to set up additional hours of use
  • Booking conditions for each case including conditions for normal prices, offer prices, early booking prices, etc
  • Booking information system via email, sms, fax and front office alert
  • Define easily all the periods of price policy
  • Create transportation means types and setting prices and other parameters for each period seperately
  • Create extra services and regulate prices
  • Discounts for individuals for Agencies (created NET prices based on sales prices - rack rates - that change each time they change the rack rates)
  • Use all necessary discount policies and limitations generally and within the periods (eg discount long use, weekend rates, minimum days usage, non-operating periods, etc.)

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