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BookRes Travel network was born  as the new necessity and philosophy in the Travel Market.  This unique travel platform system has the ability to connect all  travel area products from any cooperative user to the final user either in B2C or in B2B2B2C sales. 

A continuously adaptation to the needs of the final B2C or B2B users make BookRes as the new nowadays comprehensive system in Travel Market. It is evolved also into an integrated, dynamic and modern cooperation software and platform. 

BookRes Comparative advantages is that the system covers the booking operation of all kind of Travel Product Companies like hoteliers, travel agencies with vacation packages, tours, city break activities, excursions, activities in general , ticketing, cruises, and more other products and the unique conceptual idea is to be useful for all ! Either for the Byers and more over for the professionals in Tourism ! 

BookRes Company works with a unique target to connect   all users into full cooperativeteam, becoming an important  assistance of promoting, training, etc and finally increasing sales and validity of all the travel products ! A strong partnership is growing up with great benefits to the participating companies. 

BookRes Company and its own unique travel platform has a great experience to take over:

  • Full support of modern full CMS websites
  • SEO possibility (search engine optimization) with many comprehensive tools to be in first pages in Google and other web engines
  • Your booking or reservation system
  • Your connection with channel manager
  • Your promotion
  • Your networking with travel companies
  • Your training in tourism aspects
  • Your social media
  • AdWords operation
  • Mobility
  • Training ! Great option for people who want to work in tourism area fields
  • etc 

BookRes Travel Platform is ideal for:

  • Hotels
  • Travel Agencies
  • Tour Operators
  • Car and Moto rentals
  • Transfer
  • Excursions
  • Cruises
  • Bus Rentals
  • Guides
  • Tours
  • Spa Companies
  • All kind of Services
  • Local Guides
  • Thermal baths
  • Affiliates
  • Xml Connections
  • Deal sites


The basic characteristics of the system that gives a flexible operation route to all travel companies  are: 

  • It is working as an individual booking or reservation system in a unique link.
  • It has all the basic functions needed in order to ensure efficient price settings.
  • It enables cooperation with agencies either individually or with agencies of our network
  • It works as channel manager and enables many  connection interfaces to IDS networks (eg Booking.com, Expedia.com, etc.)
  • sharing price parameters guarantee  to avoid Overbooking
  • Includes a  PMS as room plan and booking plan
  •  possibility to enable Affiliation systems
  • B2B2B2C cooperation 

BookRes Company consists of   its own experienced specialists and travel experts, the unique tools and travel platform with all its abilities and  is the link between tourism businesses, communication, giving effort for the availability of the systems and final helping approaching the recipient who is the visitor, buyer. 

BookRes Company is your immediate assistant with patience and perseverance and helps you to ensure all project called BookRes building the new philosophy on which all the participants of the united team will grow up fast and increase their profit.

The Staff of BookRes company has many years experience in the IT and new technologies.

We support our customers and provide complete technological solutions according to the needs of their business. Our aim is to become a trusted advisor and support comany using the latest technologies.

The new technologies and adapting to changes that take place every day is a key objective, which we achieve with ongoing training of our and your staff.

Our specialized effort focuses on:

  • In the promotion, advertising and tourism sales
  • The tools and applications in the tourism sector adapted to your company needs
  • Promoting and Advertising products
  • Support of all tourism businesses areas
  • Personnel Training in the use and exploitation of internet and our applications
  • Study and adaptation of your needs for the use of new technology and our products
  • Your daily support
  • Commercial enterprises with comprehensive management solutions and online support
  • Innovative new technology applications mainly in tourism area
  • E-commerce area and technologies

We focus on creating innovative websites and impressive graphics with emphasis on their appearance in the first pages of search engines and their use education. Customers from all over Greece find a reliable partner for online support. Get in touch with us and our experienced staff will offer you a complete right solution for your business.

We stand by you in all matters of new technologies. Work with us to take-off your sales!

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