PMS channel manager Mydata website booking enginePMS channel manager Mydata website booking engine

Below you may see the most important aspects of the philosophy that this complete tool has been built and for the future objects there will be thereafter a short description:

Main Operation of the system:

  • May operate in all websites if travel area companies like hotels, travel agencies tour operators, etc
  • Operates for hotels as their exclusive online booking system with all the necessary parameters like room types, periods, prices per room and extra persons, discounts like long stay or early booking and conditions for all kind of prices, minimum stay, meals, etc
  • The system is connected with channel manager and for hoteliers it is a very useful tool to avoid over bookings.
  • Operates for travel agencies B2B and B2C
  • Excursions of one day period or multi days 
  • Activities 
  • Cruises 
  • Car rentals 
  • Soon a module for transfers will be added 
  • Air tickets is possible and the cost for xml connection will be shared in all operators travel agencies

Important points of the system philosophy:

  • The system is auto integrated with all the users Travel Agencies, Tour Operators, hoteliers and suppliers in general
  • Xml information with service provider is possible via API
  • A brand name may be built as a part of all co-operators to support them
  • Brand may create a unique Social strong network with many benefits of the new loyalty common network

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What offers BookRes system

Περισσότερες πληροφορίες για το BookRes

Hotel Booking System is a modern, integrated and unique reservation system, which includes all the necessary parameters and capabilities to be able by the most discerning hotelier or Managers to adjust their prices and all necessary pricing policies. It is adapted to a philosophy of use that can easily be used without special knowledge.

Appointment System

Ideal appointment system for hairdressers or spas and massage services with the possibility of real availability and online payment or simply booking an appointment with a choice of service or employee and service!

Your full CMS solution !

A complete web presentation solution with comprehensive view and operation !

Reservation Department

The reservation system for hotels has a unique link and operates as its own hotel system from the hotel's website. The employ of the reservation department has exclusive control of all settings through centralized management system (CMS) and secure entry through entry codes. Available room plan with crm system interconnected is available for use.

BookRes is useful for tourist agents, too

Our system is already used by the following customers

Karavia Lux Inn
Naiades Hotel
Pyrgos Petropoulaki
Epavlis Resort
Fournia Village
Iakovakis Suites
Aktaion Resort
Maria Elena Villas