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BookRes reservation system for hotels fills an important niche tourism, providing an important tool for cooperation of the hotel and all its cooperators (Agencies, IDS systems, portals, website, affiliates, etc).

The key features of the system showing the integrated operation and the coverage of the hotel's reservation department needs are:

  • It works as an individual hotel reservation system for both B2C and B2B operation
  • It has all the basic functions needed in order to ensure efficient price policy setting
  • It enables cooperation with agencies either as a hotel or by agencies to agencies of our network. So the hotelier is srpead its NET prices in a wide range of travel agencies
  • It works as a channel manager to enable an interface to the IDS networks (eg,, etc.) there aliloenimerosi and avoid Overbooking
  • It has a room plan active and connected to the reservation operating system
  • It can create Affiliation Partner
  • It offers possibilities B2B partnerships