PMS with channel manager and booking systemPMS with channel manager and booking system

One of the most complete hotel solutions that has the following important features:

  • Website Booking System
  • Holiday Packages System with availability
  • Selection of activities before booking
  • Automatic pricing of each individually
  • PMS - Property Management System or Reception Management
  • Channel Manager> 100 interface channels
  • Control of employees
  • B2B Operation
  • Customer Discount Codes
  • Customer Satisfaction System
  • Customer Feedback
  • Mobile APP Suite for mobile control all the time
  • API Interface
  • Online Payment Suite
  • Document and Proof or Pricing Suite
  • Customer CRM System
  • Information System with Special Templates
  • Update Personal Hygiene by Employee
  • and other innovations

Our company in Greece offers due to Coronavirus crisis the following free and minimum rates:

  • Basic free life expectancy fofr basic PMS using one of the following
  • Booking system free of charge until August 30 with first charge September 1 in the monthly cost of 18 euro / month (monthly charge)
  • For channel manager up to 3 channels a charge of 7 euros per channel per month, for up to 5 to 6 channels 5 euros per channel per month and for 6 channels or more 4 euros per month per channel!
  • No booking fees for reservations for us
  • 12 euro / month for electronic invoicing system plugin (No tax office in all countries connection)

We invite all hoteliers to use it and we are available 24/7 for your support.

We wish the health crisis to end soon for the whole world and beautiful times to come!

System information: