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BookRes is a very comprehensive tool for travel agencies to co operate with other travel agencies or to sell from their websites straight to their customers.

The idea is that Travel Agent has:

  • Directly live availability and appropriate prices of the hotel rooms and services
  • All the necesary descriptions, photos and facilities without doing information enterance
  • All room types and extra meals from the hotelier

The mentality of the system operation is something unique and will be surprise you !

The comparative advantages of the unique system and mentality is:

  • It works without commission from the page of the hotel, so the network has actual availability
  • It works without commission from the pages of travel agencies for their own products but also have the ability to accept all the products of the other agencies of Greece and soon abroad
  • It interfaces with channel manager to communicate with the IDS for those who have a contract with them (eg and thus the availability and prices from the system to them
  • It interfaces with all partners on both sides to easy access to information - prices and availabilities
  • Features possibility Affiliation ie resellers
  • It has broad capabilities B2B2B2C
  • Ability to operate the manager channel system itself to interface with more than 180 channels worldwide (by contract with each channel and the corresponding supply in this example etc.

Tourism businesses enrolled as members in automatically acquire the capability to communicate with all registered members to:

  • Sell ​​the page their products and their availability
  • The disposal of their products to other network members
  • create membership with special discount prices of travel products
  • combine all travel products together to create a holiday package
  • to approach a wide range of customers and partners through in a continuous growth of participants as the process of creating the First Greek Consortium of cooperating travel companies.

Cooperation with our company, which can be done with full assumption of the web presence of tourism enterprises and tourist agencies, includes a wide range of a wide range of travel products with advantages as:

  • Modern website for accommodation with full content management
  • Features SEO (search engine optimization) with special tools for rise in keywords in search engines
  • Booking System integration BOOKRES of our company through which cooperation is achieved through the network
  • Peer through CHANNEL MANAGER with sales channels IDS
  • Mobile ability to automatically adjust to mobile phones and Tablets and accommodation website and the soon
  • Promotion advertising of tourism products either locally via a local brand name or through Nationwide presence with selected special Brand Name and purpose of self-financing through supply on ad bookings will need all forms (Internet, printed, Media) and supporting the general functioning of the system.

The and thereby sales channels acquire a relationship and teamwork through group effort can develop into an important driver for increasing bookings and partnerships course for participating companies.

Key features that are leading marketers here are:

  • Created a strong, recognizable brand name that will promote successful and will be a joint collaboration tool and Sales Group or local level but also at national level
  • It evolved into an integrated, dynamic and modern communications program because it has built CRM system
  • It is for the participants a reliable sales tool through actual product availability as all tourism businesses will be able to exploit the actual availability sides of their products
  • It will become operational in the Panhellenic a complete tourist global content products
  • It will promote quality and excellence in services offered to visitors from all members of that tourism businesses
  • It will be a lever for improvement within acceptable quality standards and procedures as aid instruments for the travel experience of visitors

The and exploitation comes to unite areas and combine tourist products in order to better serve visitors by creating team spirit not only at local level but also at national level bringing together different type eg alternative holiday with sea or mountain tourism Sea and different operating companies but interdependent.

The BookRes Company staffed by experienced specialists and is the link between tourism businesses, communication between them, the available systems and final recipient who is the visitor. Is your immediate assistant with patience and perseverance will help ensure all project called and philosophy on which it is built to take large dimensions soon become your own - our own tool.